A Little Late…

Sorry everyone! The newsletter is coming out a bit late this week! Definitely worth the wait!

These Memes are Dank

Sometimes you’ve just got to be a little ridiculous and laugh. This week on Upon Friar Review, Fr. Patrick and I look at some of the most witty, off-the-wall Christian memes that the Internet has to offer. They’re not meant to be serious, but they definitely back a punch at times!

The Weirdest Movie I’ve EVER Seen

There are a lot of bizarre movies out there, things that just make you ask, “What were they thinking?” 2001: A Space Odyssey is definitely high on that list. Besides the imaginative imagery and futuristic ponderings, the structure and medium of the movie is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Director Stanley Kubrick wanted to create a movie that unsettled viewers, and he’s achieved that even 50 years later.

It Ain’t About You

I know it’s hard to hear sometimes, but it’s worth repeating: not everything is about one’s personal experience. In fact, when talking about major moral issues, we need to talk much more about the social ramifications of our actions. We live in society, and so our actions are always social. This is the approach I offer when dealing with the epidemic of drugs.

Historical Figures Are Complicated

…and so are we. This is the approach I take with the controversial figure Bartolomé de las Casas. For some, he is considered the “Protector of the Indians” for his work in civil rights work. For others, he is remembered as the “Father of the African Slave Trade” for his support of enslaving Africans. Is he a good man? It’s not always that easy to tell, and this serves as a lesson for us today.

No News is… Delayed Good News

I’m excited to say that there is a lot going on behind the scenes right now in my world, and I can’t wait to share it soon enough. I’ve been working on a “project” for the past 6 months that is almost ready to share, and I’ve gotten together with another friar to plan a big event for next summer. Very, very good things to come… just not ready to share. Soon!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey, OFM

6 Comments on “A Little Late…

  1. Well,
    that is no late newsletter
    for me at all…
    I‘m living in Vienna / Austria / Europe and I‘m happy to receive this in another time zone.
    Thank you and bless you.
    Yours Annabella

  2. I would think 2001 would be a complicated movie for you although I know you try hard to be intelligent. It is funny how many of the movies and TV shows you recommend are actually against Christianity or it’s morals/values(you picked at tv show played by an actor who embraced incest)

    The story of 2001 aside from the evil robot(I am sure that was entertaining for you) is regarding a monolith which is responsible for the evolution of human beings from Apes(hence apes in the beginning) and it is implied the monolith is placed by Aliens. At the end of the film the astronaut is captured by aliens and placed in a kind of zoo/detention. None of this spelled out, most of the films you watch are typically dumb/low culture so you probably didn’t get any of this.

    In any case it’s funny that you are recommending a film that clearly is not in line with the concept that God created humanity. The film your recommending claims Aliens invented humanity and that humans evolved from monkeys. Is dat dank for you!?

  3. I stayed up late for this….It was well worth missing some sleep. As usualI enjoy your work because it makes me appriciate being Catholic and close to God.

  4. Hey Father Casey, I’ve been enjoying your YouTube content for a few weeks now and find myself wanting to go back to the beginning on your blog. But… Your template, not unlike Franciscan life, is very basic. 😂 Simple is good, but not when you want to resort the entries from oldest to newest or use a calendar to set a month and year. I can’t even find a search icon. Help? Keep up the great work. You give me hope for the future of our church.

  5. Well we certainly see the highs and lows this week. Love seeing Fr Tito but let’s not kid ourselves about saying the bad will help. Romans 12:21 Do not overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good.

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