Just be kind?

I work in an elementary school. On a regular basis, I see encouraging posters and helpful teachers reminding students to “be kind to one another.” It’s a very good lesson for children who are developing their own identities and struggle to get along with one another. How important it is to share, to speak respectfully to one another, and to choose to be nice! It is a lesson that every child needs to remember each day.

But what about adults? The idea of kindness doesn’t rank as highly for us once we graduate to the “real world.” As adults, we value truth and justice much higher, often throwing kindness to the wayside to achieve it. Who cares about being kind when injustice is rampant. We need to get angry and speak truth to power!

And that’s certainly true. To some extent. But to what extent? After watching Ted Lasso last weekend, I’ve been reflecting on my approach to life and the role that kindness must still play in it. Even if you haven’t seen the show, I think that this is a message that everyone needs to hear.

4 Comments on “Just be kind?

  1. Honestly Father I am a very nice person But my problem is people take advantage. I am not saying this to be sarcastic its true and my kindness has caused me a lot of heartache. Now I lock out the world. I have really been used and abused. The main thing about being nice is the ability to say NO something I never mastered.

    • There are 2 aspects to kindness – one is to be kind, the other is to hold on to the expectation that ‘because I’m kind, others should treat me likewise’. Its often the expectation that leads to heartaches. Being kind and letting go of the expectation leads to more satisfaction. Easier said than done…but try it. Kindness does not mean you allow others to take advantage of you either…putting your foot down does not mean you are not kind right?

  2. Kindness? Absolutely, we live in a competitive, dog eat dog world. You preach it brother.

  3. This isn’t a comment it’s a suggestion for a video.
    What do you say to the suggestion that technologically, economically and politically Protestant countries have always been more successful than Catholic countries, and if so why?

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