Do Not Despair

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed something very disturbing about our world: we’re growing in despair. Everything seems to matter so much. Everything is treated like a life-or-death situation. Even the smallest things send people into catastrophic thinking that the end is near.

Folks. Have we forgotten God? Have we forgotten that He is in charge?

In this video, I simply want to remind everyone that no matter what happens, God is in control. We have free will and have been given the responsibility of being good stewards with God’s many gifts, but in the end, it isn’t up to us. We are not the saviors of the world.

This should be liberating. Give your trust to God, and live free.

3 Comments on “Do Not Despair

  1. Thank you for this Casey. I became absolutely tired of all the negativity in the world, and I think you hit the nail on the head with why it is happening. As a result, I searched for the positive message of Jesus, the core of what he preaches, the Truth. And that’s how I came across the Franciscans…. and you. Thank you for being you, and being the true, imperfect, representative of what God is all about, and who God is. Letting go is so much more difficult than to feel like you’re “doing something”, but it is really so much easier in reality. I “let go” daily, as I have found that it is an imperfect process rather than a goal to accomplish and move on.

  2. Like Leon Budziszewski said above sometimes we just have to let go. But it is hard as we are bombarded with negativity constantly these past few 12 years and it seems to escalate rather than improve. Sometimes I feel God’s presence and then other times the negativity going on just drags me back down again. What really bothered me was the winter storm in Texas and how political and corporate leaders do not care for the welfare of the people. 70 people died because they wanted to cut costs and make more money, not to mention the suffering, hunger, cold, thirst, property loss, anguish. So many things common people are suffering is unnecessary and easily preventable. Rapture or no rapture the Bible dies speak of the world getting more and more wicked and people not repenting until Christ comes back or until the final judgement. There is a feeling of escalation right now. No one knows the time. Nevertheless times are hard right now all around the world. While God is in control of our salvation, He chooses to let man have free will. That free will includes destroying others unfortunately. God may indeed be in control but that doesn’t mean he is going to fix things in this earthly life. That was never promised. He left salvation, goodness, and virtue up to man to take or reject.

  3. God is in control..lmao. Any of you Christians think for yourself? It’s a trite repeated line. It shows a lack of a free mind. Something god clearly did not bestow you with

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