Alone For Christmas?

The sad reality of 2020 continues on. After nine months of cancellations, closures, and tragedies, COVID is after Christmas now too. Time will soon tell how dangerous everyone’s Thanksgivings were, what with college students coming home, people still traveling in large number to gather in large groups. I pray that it will not turn out to be a devastating disaster… but I fear it will.

My hope is that we can learn our lesson before Christmas comes: please stay home.

But before you all attack me for being against family and tradition, that telling people to stay home for Christmas is the last thing a priest should do, let me off you this: this might be the most meaningful Christmas of your life. Stripped of all the commercialism and chaos, removed from the traveling and large parties, what we might just find ourselves with a silent night to behold, a simple evening of prayer to touch our hearts. We might just have ourselves a Christmas that captures the true meaning of the season.

In this video, I’d like to suggest that Christmas (and by extension, Advent) is more than just gift-giving and merry-making, it is an opportunity to realize that our world is fundamentally broken and in need of a savior. It is an opportunity to get in touch with our deep longing for new life, and to realize that that new life is already before us, and yet on the horizon.

We behold but a taste of the gift that is to come. Jesus came once 2000 years ago to begin the mission, but we still await the fullness of his glory in the new Jerusalem.

5 Comments on “Alone For Christmas?

    • The point is ‘dont make it the last for someone else’ 🙂 wish you a wonderful hopeful

  1. Father Casey Cole ofm
    Its Monday November 30th 2020 And I just Saw the Reluctant Saint starting Ricardo Montalban as Father Raspi And Maximilian Schell as Giuseppe The film brought me to Curiosities & Wonders Could Giuseppe really raise off the floor while Praying to madonna ? Such Catholic films are good to Watch during these times I was not raised a Catholic Yet I have relatives plus I had teachers Who Were Catholic And I am tolerant of the Catholic Faith as with other Religions Also Just to say that I am Open to unusual Phenomenon But google’s Definition of Superstition : A Widely held but unjustified belief in Supernatural Causation leading to certain Consequences of an Action or event,or a Practice ! However,I Like to View Madonna as a beautiful, Passionate Woman an I believe that she is around Like Jesus And I believe that Madonna Will do what she can but it’s Up to everyone to care for themselves during these unfortunate times,More later Blessings Father Casey Cole ofm

  2. Dear Fr. Casey, thank you for this beautiful and timely video. It’s easy for people to brush aside warnings to wear masks, social distance and don’t be in groups outside ‘your safe bubble’; but when family and friends are stricken with Covid, it becomes real. I hope that people consider others this season and do what you are suggesting: Quiet reflection, thanksgiving and prayers.

  3. Strange you would say that…..In all the readings that I have reviewed over my life, there is never mentioned that anyone was “alone.” A “silent night” does not and never has been thought of as a night without others. I’m extremely saddened snd puzzled that an OFM would even suggest such a thing. That being said, I’m not encouraging reckless behavior as one always must be prudent in their actions. Certain members of God’s children are more susceptible than others and should take every precaution THEY feel is necessary.

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