Should the Church Sell the Vatican?

One of the objections I hear all the time about the Catholic Church is that it is too rich. For some, it is a hypocritical organization that preys off of the poor, demanding donations, while it hoards money for itself.

On the one hand, there’s certainly some truth to this. I’ve been to individual churches where funds were mismanaged, priests and bishops lived as kings, and the poor were neglected. To say this about some churches and its members is completely legitimate.

But to say this about the Church universal? That’s a different story. As I share in this video, the Church has some work to do if it wants to be the perfect institution founded by Christ, but selling the Vatican and all of its possessions might not be the best solution. We do much more for the poor in those buildings than we would by selling them.

One Comment on “Should the Church Sell the Vatican?

  1. Good morning Brother Cole. This was a good listen. Off topic, have you heard of a film called Beowulf. I would love to hear your review on that.

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