The Idolatry of the Catholic Church

Many fundamentalist Christians accuse Catholics of idolatry because of the images we hang in our churches. As I have pointed out before, this is a bit silly. At least, in the way that it is often articulated.

That said, the overall concept, that Catholics fall to idolatry, is not entirely wrong.

Rather than say anything more, though, I would like simply to encourage you to watch the whole video before coming to conclusions or leaving a comment (it’s one of those videos…) What I say about halfway through might come off a bit shocking, even heretical, but I PROMISE you that the point I’m making is 100% orthodox and appropriate for our day.


3 Comments on “The Idolatry of the Catholic Church

  1. Hi Casey!

    I’m wondering, if going to mass weekly, along with several other ways to worship, are only several of many other ways one can worship God, then why are there rules that make it mandatory to worship in these certain ways as opposed to worshipping in other ways? Thanks Casey! Take care.

    P.S. I had no problem with your video


  2. Fr. Casey, this presentation reminds that our church points to our God. Too often we can witness the worship of the worship instead of what it points to, our salvation in Christ. Our church, though holy, is there to walk with us, guide us and help us with our walk while raising up our destination. Thank you for your work.

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