Praying With Scripture

The Bible is a complicated book. Written and compiled over a period of 1000 years, more than 2000 years ago, it was original written in other languages, within other cultures. To understand it’s “purpose,” you’re going to need to study it.

But the Bible is more than just an academic endeavor. It is a holy book. It is the Word of God. It’s an encounter with the living God in our midst. Along with studying Scripture, me must pray with it.

But how? In the first video above, I suggest two ways to pray with Scripture that you can practice on your own. In the second video, I offer a guided meditation to guide you along.

3 Comments on “Praying With Scripture

  1. Hello Casey!
    I must admit, I wasn’t aware of it, but although I do practice the first way now and then, it is the Franciscan way that I pray over scripture most often. What I noticed from your guidance, and what I find most comforting, is that in praying, most of my time is spent in silence, listening for the “whisper of God”. It is these silent moments that I remember most. The problem is the making of time to sit still and let these moments happen. It’s not that we don’t HAVE time, we just don’t MAKE time. Thank you for guiding me through this!

  2. Hello Brother Casey. Off topic, I’ve watched a movie called Oculus but didn’t understand it. Have you seen the movie? Are you able to give me a movie review on it please. Thankyou.

  3. What I got differently about the passage in Mark than I did reading that same passage my whole life was that Jesus loved the man that knew him and knew his word. Even though he chose his luxurious lifestyle over Him.

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