A Saint For Our Time

Things these days… yeah. They’re not great. As a new priest, I find myself frustrated with all that I can’t do these days, but I can’t say that the outcome of my life has been dramatically changed. I cannot say the same for those in high school today.

At a time when people are trying to find themselves and their place in the world, it seems like the world is falling apart. I feel incredibly sorry for those who have missed out on such big moments in their lives, who find themselves at a loss and without direction. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be 17 today.

And yet, there’s another part of me that is not particularly sympathetic at all. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’m sort of allergic to throwing oneself a “pity party,” of moping around and giving up.

Things are tough, yes, but feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make things better.

In this week’s video, I want to highlight a saint for our age. Her name is Claudine Thévenet, and she is someone that I think teenagers can relate to. Although her college plans were thwarted by a pandemic, she did go to high school during the French Revolution and witness two of her brothers being executed.

So… it’s sort of a push, I guess.

She not only survived a tragic time, it made her into a laudable saint. Her resilience, commitment to service, and love of Christ are qualities that we can learn from today.

6 Comments on “A Saint For Our Time

  1. quite well said Fr.Casey….but i feel very distressed because i no longer will be able to attend the holy mass in this near months….i’m not very pleased watching mass online and thats really boring , but i have to be content with what i have….I hope things would get better somehow
    pax cristi
    Anika Thomas

  2. Amen Father Cole. I am a woman, though not a teenager, in this time and the example of Saint Claudine has touched and reached me dearly. Thankyou for sharing this.

  3. I’ve never really heard of St. Claudine, but I’m glad I have. I’m 24, and while it’s a difficult time for someone early in her career like me, I am glad I am beyond the finicky traditions that come with adolescence. Her story nonetheless resonates with me a lot and does give me hope. Thanks Fr. Casey.

  4. It was a thought provoking message.Father Casey.A.Cole
    Can we do physical penance like saints of those days did and pray for humanity? Kindly answer me father.

  5. Fr. Casey, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for bringing the saints to life. You have much wisdom for such a young man. Abundant blessings!

  6. Dear Fr. Casey, would you be interested in more materials on St. Claudine? I don’t know what books you have, however, I help out at the archives and we have some extra copies of some items. Maybe some of your viewers would be interested. Sr. Doris, RJMarchives@gmail.com.

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