Don’t Look Away.

I’ve heard it many times before: “The news is too depressing. I just can’t watch it.” You won’t find any argument from me on this point. Whether it’s foreign wars or police brutality in the US, drug epidemics or airborne pandemics, politicians disgracing themselves or disgracing others, the news is often packed with information that is sure to upset us. This is not the way things should go.

In many cases, it angers us. In other cases, it leaves us confused and feeling helpless. It’s just awful. And so we look away. We turn off the TV. We choose to focus on the things that bring us happiness rather than the things that depress us.

Which makes sense. Until you realize that so many people don’t have the luxury of looking away.

When we’re dealing with issues like racial inequality and oppression, as we are now in this country, turning off the TV doesn’t make things better or cause the issue to disappear. While we who are outside of the situation can pretend that it doesn’t exist, the people suffering from it will continue to suffer from it. They cannot turn off the TV or walk away, because it is happening to them.

In this week’s reflection, I want to recommend that we who have the luxury to turn away not exercise it. As upsetting as it is to watch, I think we owe it to others not only to watch, but to let the anger of the situation consume us. 

As long as we have the ability to hide from it—as long as the issues of the world remain distant and are easily avoided—we will never become invested enough to want things to change. As long as it is someone else’s problem, we’re going to let it continue to happen.

That needs to stop. The body of Christ is suffering all around us. Let yourself suffer with it.

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  2. Why is there an ad for a knife meant to kill on your blog page???

    • He can’t control which pop ups appear. I don’t see it on mine. I see a chevy truck instead,

  3. It is hard to make change when those in office cherry pick interns and then corporations snatch them up as lobbyists and representatives. They groom who they want for the next round of power. The corruption is to the point that it isn’t just black people affected. Unless the movement addresses the situation factually it just feeds the problem and divides people even further with racism and in the end change doesn’t not come.

  4. The more I see of it all, the more it makes me pray.

  5. FR #Caseyofm

    Hi It’s Sunday June 7th 2020 And My thoughts are that the Protestors, the Violent ones made there bed they can lie in it !
    But on another Subject that I want to Share with You is that I hope to Write my Book A Novel that Will Not only be wonderful for the Catholic Faith I believe but Will show another side of My best friend & Army Officer And What he did for me was the best that any one has ever done ! For You See I was Selected I believe for a Reason. And I will do What I can to make the Catholic faith better that it is Now. I believe that there is Evil not inside the Catholic Church but outside trying to destroy it And may Jesus be will You always. And I am writing to You from Minnesota

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