Responding to Myths About the Catholic Church

It was not uncommon for us to have oral exams in seminary. As one professor put it, “When you get a question from a parishioner, you don’t have time to do research and write a 10 page paper. We need to make sure that you can think on your feet and give accurate, succinct answers.” Can’t argue with that logic, and it’s amazing that every class didn’t require them.

Honestly, I think it’s probably good advice for all Catholics. Our faith is never tested on predetermined dates after a week of cramming. People will ask us questions when they have them, not when it is most convenient. Especially when living in places where we are the minority, where questions are more accusatory than anything else, we need to be able to give accurate, succinct answers.

In this video, I look at 15 common misunderstanding that people have about the Catholic Church, and give an answer in 100 words or less.

One Comment on “Responding to Myths About the Catholic Church

  1. I’m not so sure that individual Christians are Temples of the Lord. In 1 Corinthians 6 v 19 the locus classicus of the phrase; the Greek for “you” is in the plural. i.e. it is the whole Church, the Body of Christ which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

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