The Day My Life Changed Forever

Well… there’s a day I’ll never forget!

Last Saturday, June 22, I was ordained to the priesthood. It was a wild, amazing, overwhelming blur of a day, and I am happy to say that I can share at least a little bit of that with you now. And as you’ll see, I share a bit more than normal (the video is almost 17 minutes long) so why don’t I save us all some time and words here and just tell you to click above!

Enjoy! And God bless!

3 Comments on “The Day My Life Changed Forever

  1. Casey,A belated Congratulations on your ordination. The wonderful video brought me back 48 years to my own ordination. I would love to meet with you sometime to discuss the Ministry of the Word and how you might carry forward this wonderful ministry.  Perhaps when you come here with SPUFY All the best.  Ad Multos Annos John Anglin

  2. I cannot imagine anyone more fit to be a priest than you. You have so many talents and gifts which you have chosen to use to serve God. I am certain He will bless your ministry, and I greatly envy those students who will have the opportunity to hear you preach and teach

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