Questions with my Sisters!

Last year, I sat down and interviewed my parents. It was fun. People loved it. What a great idea, I thought.

Such a great idea, I thought, that I should recreate it this year. But instead of simply copying what I did before, coming up with new questions, I decided to expand the scope a bit and include the rest of my family: what if I did the same thing, only this time with my sisters?

What could go wrong?

Luckily… I’m the one asking the questions and editing the video, so I knew I was safe! Let’s just say that it could have been A LOT worse!

I hope you enjoy this fun glimpse into my family life. With only 17 days left until ordination, I have some time on vacation with my parents as well as a 7-day silent retreat, so don’t expect a whole lot of new content over the next few weeks, but please keep me in your prayers as the day approaches! Peace and good to you all.

2 Comments on “Questions with my Sisters!

  1. Best video yet!! Thanks to you and your sisters.

  2. Loved this so much, Casey! It made me laugh – a lot! Sisters will always tell the truth – like it or not! Your parents raised them right!!! You go girls!!! Remember – they knew you when …
    When do you interview your Godmother? Will she see you anytime soon?

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