A Friar Life Returns

After two years and many requests… A Friar Life is finally here. Over the past three months, I have been to San Francisco, New Jersey, New York, Cincinnati, and Jamaica filming the brothers in action. Over the next month, I hope to include two more.

And frankly, I’m barely scratching the surface.

When I started planning this project over Christmas, I came up with a list of candidates multiple pages long. There’s just no “prototypical” friar. Each one is unique. Each life is different from the rest. What I hope to show you in this series leaves out so many experiences, so many personalities, so many ministries that just wouldn’t fit.

It’s true what they say: once you’ve met a friar, you’ve met one friar.

When I talk with guys discerning our life I tell them that it’s not about being like me or anyone else. Many will not identify with much of my life, or much of another friar’s life, and that’s fine. Becoming a friar is not about fitting a mold or being like the rest. No, becoming a friar is about identifying the underlying spirit that guides us all and finding a way to live it themselves. Our rule and life is to live the Gospel, and there is no shortage of ways to do that. My hope with this series, once again, is to show people the breadth of our lives, not so that others may imitate it, but so they might make it a part of their own.

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