Looking for Adventure in Your Life?

The life of a friar is many things, but boring is not one of them. Not in a single day, and certainly not over a lifetime.

I think about my life already. Not even ordained a priest yet, still in studies, I have been on a mission trip to Nicaragua, worked for two months at a refugee center in Mexico, made a pilgrimage to Italy, Austria, and Germany, have given parish missions in 13 different states, and have been on five different road trips in which I traveled more than 1000 miles in a week. I get around.

And it makes me wonder what my future might hold. While there is no formal legislation as to how often I must move, it is not uncommon for friars to change ministries ever 6-9 years. Extend that over a lifetime, and we’re talking 6-10 completely different environments, likely resulting in 6-10 different careers.

And do you know what? If things aren’t working out and there’s a need elsewhere, friars can be transferred in three years or less.

No, friar life is not boring.

To all young people out there thinking about what you might do with your life, afraid to jump in because you’re worried about missing out on great things, let me tell you this: there is nothing lacking from my life. I get to serve God in tremendous, diverse, and unexpected ways, as a part of a brotherhood, doing and experiencing things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of outside of Order. My life is truly an adventure.

Are you looking for some adventure in your life? Maybe it’s time to have a conversation with our vocation director. He’s a nice guy who can help you with any questions you have, no matter where you are in your discernment.

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