Busy Is Not A Virtue

This semester has been by far the busiest semester of my life. From traveling to missions to school work to keeping up my one-man-online-show, there has not been a day since Christmas that I’ve done absolutely nothing. The calendar for each day has a task that must be completed, and it gets completed.

On the one hand, this has left more by far the most exhausted I’ve ever been in my life. (Funny how that works!) I find myself with less energy at the end of each day and having to just force my way through certain tasks. Being busy has a cumulative effect.

But on the other hand, I can’t help but feel fulfilled in what I’m doing. There is something to “getting things done” and always having something to do. While I find myself physically tired keeping this schedule, vacations—times when I do absolutely nothing but relax—often leave me restless and tired in another way. I guess some people work to live, and others just live to work. I find myself solidly in that latter category.

I think this is a good thing. I think this is something that God is proud of, that I spend my time well, that I’m always driving to get something done. For me, being busy is a good thing.

But it’s not a virtue, in and of itself. Being busy means nothing if what I’m busy with is folly. A full schedule is not a sign of holiness. And if forces me to ask a difficult question of myself at times: am I busy with the mission of Christ, or am I just busy?

There is a big difference between these things.

4 Comments on “Busy Is Not A Virtue

  1. Casey, Being busy means you have no BOREDOM. I know I am one who lives to work. I get frustrated at times when, at the end of the day, i have loose ends my projects

    Friends tell me ” you finish it next day “.. I tell them “I may not be alive next day” At least I am not bored, I cannot understand anyone being Bored. Life offers so many interesting and educating happenings. We should enjoy all that is offered. I believe the Creator wanted that way . At times, I feel like it is praying to God.

  2. Another insightful comment by Br. Casey (How will we refer to you when you are ordained?)
    This is one of those comments that gives us a new perspective on a common place experience

  3. it is good to be busy sometimes but need to know what am i busy with?and why am i busy? brother Casey has explained it succinctly and inspiring too, thank you friar for helping me to reflect on the business i am engaged on.

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