YouTube After Ordination?

In 128 days, I will be ordained to the priesthood. That means a world of new responsibilities. Celebrating mass. Hearing confessions. Anointing the sick. Being the person people turn to in times of crisis and need. That is going to be a big step in my life as a pastoral minister.

And it has raised an interesting question: what will that do to my “other” ministries of evangelizing and catechizing through social media, preaching and teaching in various parishes around the country? It is a question that I have thought about for more than two years, a question that, frankly, has caused me to be a bit hesitant with what I started as I didn’t know if it would be able to continue.

We’ve reached the point where that question is beginning to be answered.

Last week, I have a conversation with my provincial and vicar provincial about my future. I shared what I was thinking, they shared what there were thinking, and we came to a pretty good conclusion: they want me to find a way to continue doing this ministry into the future.

What that will look like, I’m not 100% sure. But my guess is that I’ll have a much clearer answer in a few weeks time…

11 Comments on “YouTube After Ordination?

  1. I have been praying St Therese’s “prayer for priests” for you for years, and I know that your giving yourself to discernment and your vow of obedience will keep you in the right direction… I can’t wait for your ordination!! Many blessings…please pray for all of us who have followed your journey… we definitely pray for you!

  2. You are in my prayers. The Holy Spirit will help you along with your superiors. Please continue your work especially with our youth.

  3. I think you are serving the Lord in a great way and should continue this practice as much as possible. I think it is great your superiors recognize this and are willing to carve out some form of compromise . Good luck as always and God Bless .

  4. Ya mean they ain’t gonna pull the plug on you and your thousands of viewers?!? WOW! Now that be news folks!😌😉😇

  5. God bless you and you will be a fine Fransiscan Friar.Please say a prayer for me……..Noel

  6. Seek the kingdom first, bro, & all these things will be added unto you.

  7. The church must move into the 21 century! If the church continues to live in the past it will die in two generations. The ministries you’ve been doing are important for the future. Please continue to minister to the electronic multitude.

  8. Love Friar life videos. Please continue to produce these.

  9. Please pray for tbe little 5yr old girl in the -UK . Drs. there want to remove life support! Ask Bsp. Sheen’s intercession for a miracle so they don’t kill her! She opens & closes her eyes on her own in response to things. She had a stroke & cannot speak. Please intercede for her! & you know Bsp. Sheen was in media too. He needs a verified miracle to be declared a saint. This would be a good one! Thanks & blessings to you Fr.

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