Want to Get Into Heaven?

Heaven is one of the most imaginative topics of our Christian faith. Because we have very few actual descriptions of it in scripture, and because no one has come back to tell us exactly what it’s like, much of our what we hold to be true about the afterlife comes form art and entertainment. In some ways, this can be a great thing, giving us vivid depictions for what we cannot rationalize ourselves; in other ways, though, this can be a negative thing, filling our minds with very un-theological beliefs about a very theological topic.

This week, I address one such un-theological belief that encountered in my conversation with a stranger and offer what I hope to be a better way of approaching life.

One Comment on “Want to Get Into Heaven?

  1. Brother Casey..you left me hangingI have started to question many things regarding the History pf many beliefs.
    I think it centers around my concern for the Billions of people before Christ and the Billions of people.to day with their concept of GOD and their Saints …are thay all to be damnedI? We are taught to believe we will see love ones when we cross-over… but if the whole after-llife is to be in the presence and adoration of GOD where does this fit… I guess I really need a confessor to banty the question I have.

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