What is a Heresy?

If you frequent Catholic blogs or YouTube channels, you are bound to see one word come up in heated arguments: heresy. When someone challenges Church teaching or another person just wants to belittle someone’s opinion, the word can get thrown around pretty easily.

Luckily, in most cases, heresy has not actually been committed. While heresy is certainly prevalent in our world (and I will make a video next semester outlining a few of them) simply disagreeing with the Church is not grounds for being called a heretic. The actual definition is a bit more precise than that.

So what is a heresy? This week’s Catholicism In Focus sets out to give a basic definition.

One Comment on “What is a Heresy?

  1. A complex topic. Nice job as usual although I needed to watch it twice to get all the three D’s ! Perhaps this could have been broken into three separate posts? just a thought? Keep up your good effort .

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