Welcome to My New Studio!

When I moved to Chicago, I was hoping to have a space specifically devoted to making videos, a place where I could leave me stuff set up so I wouldn’t have to break it down for every shoot. What I got was great! In the bottom floor of the house, off to the side, was a wide open space that people used as a walkway to get out the back door. All I needed to do was push my stuff to the side and I could keep it there.

It was great. For a time.

But then I started shooting more reflections in my room, which meant lugging that equipment back and forth two flights of stairs. And then the weather got colder and I realized that the bottom floor room wasn’t very insulated. Not exactly a dream location, but, oh well. I was grateful for what I had.

That was, until… this week’s video. Click here to watch.


3 Comments on “Welcome to My New Studio!

  1. Great to see that you are all set up. Hope dinner wasn’t burnt? Blessings from New Zealand.

  2. What was it that Francis said, something like “Take nothing for the journey!” Congrats. On the new studio.

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