How Many Followers Do You Have?

A few weeks ago at daily mass the first reading came from the book of the prophet Zechariah. As I prayed with the reading, one line jumped out at me:

In those days ten people from nations of every language will take hold, yes, will take hold of the cloak of every Jew and say, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

I was overcome by the image of it. These people, numbered greatly from all the world, looked at the Jews and were so moved by the presence of God that they followed where they were going. The Jews did not have to give a tremendous speech, perform incredible miracles, or win an argument. Presumably, they were just living their normal lives.

That was the inspiration for my newest video, a reflective piece on our ability to be like those Jews. How many people look at who we are and where we’re going as Christians and say, “I want to go there to”?

In other words, how many followers do you have?

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