Trying Something New!

Hey blog post readers! I didn’t forget about you today! I’m just a little late… and trying something new.

For six years now I’ve written a blog post almost every week, sometimes multiple per week. It has been a great opportunity for me to share my experience as a friar, reflect on theological and social topics, to include others on my journey, and to connect with young men and women discerning a vocation.

What started as the occasional, small weekly reflection has blossomed into a full-time ministry of evangelization and catechesis, pushing me to explore new ways of spreading the word. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and now more recently, booking speaking opportunities like retreats and vocation talks.

For that reason… I’m not done thinking and growing. As the world changes, so too does the way I (we) share the message. What are people watching? Where do people look for entertainment? How do people learn best?

With that in mind, I have decided to try something a little new, presenting my weekly reflections in a new form: Vlogging. A medium that has far out-reached blogging in recent years, I think it’s worth a try.

All videos and news will still be posted here, so if you’re an email subscriber you’ll still get notified of new content, but the content itself might be a little different. Click here to watch, and let me know what you think!

7 Comments on “Trying Something New!

  1. All the best with the new venture Fr Casey. It’s always important to keep up with current technologies. I am guessing that you may attract the younger audience who use these formats more regularly.

  2. Like it. Well done. Love the faith challenges. The best sermons are the ones that challenge faith, helping us to look at our relationship with Christ Jesus, and how that sends us out to be Christ for all our neighbors.

  3. As always, Friar Casey, your words strike a respondent chord in me. You are wise beyond your years!

    That background music, though, in spots sounded like my cat’s meowing… a little distracting and funny at the same time. Please keep blogging.. looking forward to the next oneđŸ˜€
    Mary Ann
    Wilmington DE

  4. Good work. Solid message conveyed in the new medium Keep up your good effort and God Bless you.

  5. It’s actually much harder for my to watch videos than to read blog posts. As a consequence, this switch will result in me seeing less of your reflections. So I do not see this as a positive change.

    What would be helpful, though is if you would include what the subject of the reflection. For instance, what is “Happy Second Monday of October” about?

  6. Br. Casey,

    Congrats on your solemn profession! God’s continued blessings on you and your ministries!

    As you can see from the comments above, the new “vlog” format will be good for some, and bad for others.

    But the format of the message is probably, rightly, a secondary consideration to the actual content.

    Might I suggest that covering both (all?) the different formats, (as in adding the “vlog,” to the “blog” efforts,) might be the way to go? Would it be an undue burden to simply publish the script for the “vlog” as a continuing “blog?”

    In any event, the subject content of this one, is of course, a fundamental truth, for sure!

    Politicians, marketers, priests, religious, etc., etc… pretty much anyone who desires to influence opinion, behavior, and/or funding… are always tempted to “highlight” the “sweetness & light” of their position, eh?

    So you are 100% correct to call attention to, and focus on, the perennial failure of ministers to deliver the TOTALITY of ALL of the teachings of Christ in the Gospel. Of course, they ARE truly RADICAL and many times difficult for us to put into pure practice, eh? (I’m quite sure that I’m at the front of the line where Paul’s Epistle speaks of all being sinners and falling short!)

    For you brother, it’s obvious that Our Lord has greatly blessed you with many talents, not the least of which is being a great communicator! Keep up the good work!



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