A Few Bad Habit “Habits”

Everyone knows that the Franciscan habit is a powerful symbol. While everyone may not know exactly what it is, it universally speaks to religion, peace, and approachability. That’s not a bad thing to be recognized as when meeting people on the street, especially when someone is looking for prayer or guidance.

What everyone does not necessarily know is that wearing a habit can be a rather difficult task. With long sleeves, loose fabric, and hanging rope, there are innumerable ways to embarrass oneself, break things, and even end up tripping on the floor.

By no means an exhaustive list, my newest video hopes to capture a taste of the things that we face every day in our habits, and the many mistakes that I have made in such a short time. Hope you enjoy!


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12 Comments on “A Few Bad Habit “Habits”

  1. It’s a good thing I pray for your well-being and safety every day, Brother Casey!

  2. Hi Brother Casey, I’ve wondered for quite awhile about where you get your habits. Who makes them? When I was a kid I was taught by Franciscan Nuns and they taught us how to make the knots in the Franciscan cinctures .

    • For the most part we get them from other religious, either Poor Clare Nuns or a few friars who still make them. There are very few people who know how these days, making it very difficult to get one in under six months!

  3. Really enjoyed this one, Casey. Well done!

    Tony Lo.


  4. That’s delightful! Thanks for the smile. And welcome to the club… everything about the length of the habit is something women learn about skirts at an early age! 🙂

    -Susan, St. Bonaventure class of 1993, Franciscan Volunteer Minister 1993-95

  5. Your video about the habit made me laugh! When i was new friar back in the late 60’s, we actually had classes with our Fr. Master of Brothers, who taught us about walking up and down stairs, going to the bathroom (with no reading material!!!), kneeling, not to wear the habit as a bathrobe to and from the shower, getting into a car, etc. God ole Fr. Seraphim, God rest his soul. I always remember you in my prayers.

  6. They should offer a course for the new ones putting on and wearing the habit. The course should last fo at least, one semester. Oh, and give failing grades, ifsppplicable, and must repeat the course. Good luck, Brother Casey.

  7. This was both informative and really funny – nice work! PS – near the end of the video, I was very glad you didn’t trip when you didn’t hold your habit while descending the stairs 🙂

  8. Brother Casey, Meant to comment earlier after I watched this. It is funny and as with all your videos, well done! Our son (and novice) Steve will receive his in about four weeks. We pray he will learn the wise lessons you have shared so well! God bless🙏

  9. Just recently invested in the Capuchin habit and stairs are a nightmare! Any advice on habit care?

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