Conceiving the Immaculate Conception

On December 8th of every year, as we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception, you can almost count on one question: who was immaculately conceived, Mary or Jesus? More than a few times I have been called to intervene in disputes, Catholics on each side confused as to the meaning of the day.

So, who was immaculately conceived? Well… technically both… but that’s not the question.

For the real answer to this question, an explanation of the doctrine, the misconceptions surrounding it, and how it fits in our Advent season, check out my newest “Ask Br. Casey” video on the Breaking In The Habit YouTube channel.


Happy feast day!

2 Comments on “Conceiving the Immaculate Conception

  1. Thanks, Great job on the video. It helps clarify this belief for us Protestants as well. Forgive us for some of our ignorant accusations about Catholic doctrine. I enjoy your posts.

    • Hi Pastor, glad you liked it! It’s a largely misunderstood doctrine even for Catholics with a lot of historical development which I of course had to leave out. Very interesting, very controversial!


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