For All The Saints

This weekend, we celebrate the lives of all the saints in the history of the Church. In my humble opinion, the communion of saints is one of the greatest gems our Church has to offer. We are not individuals finding our way on a journey for the first time; we walk in the footsteps of those great men and women who have gone before us. The saints offer us an example of how they lived in the past as well as providing intercession for us now in the present.

Recently, I was asked who my favorite saint was… besides Francis. With two thousand years of incredible men and women to choose from, how could I choose just one? So I didn’t. In this week’s Ask Br. Casey video, I decided to pick my top three inspiring saints (apart from St. Francis). It was still a difficult decision to make. Anthony of Padua, Thérèse of Lisieux, Patrick, Augustine, Jerome, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory the Great, Blessed Mother Theresa, and Pope John XXIII have all inspired me in one way or another to become a better Christian. But none of them made the cut.

I hope the three saints I picked give you as much inspiration to live the Gospel as they have given me. Who would you pick in your top three? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to ask your own question! Thanks to Marc for this one! (Watch the video here.)

One Comment on “For All The Saints

  1. I think I might use your video at RCIA this week 🙂

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