Top Ten Friar Questions

The video series rolls on. And does it ever. I want to thank everyone for your amazing support over the past week. I’ve received a lot of encouraging messages and really appreciate how much people have shared the new video series with others on social media. Comments are nice, but seeing that people like it enough to share is so affirming. (To give you an idea, a normal day is about 80 hits and the most in a day in 308. Four straight days now it’s been over 200, and yesterday reached a new high of 555 hits! As of 10:00am this morning, there have already been 70 hits.)

With that said, hopefully you’ll enjoy this one just as much. Because I’m still experimenting and trying to find the character of the channel, you’ll notice that it is a very different style than the Patience video and the Welcome but just as Franciscan: Top ten questions I get asked as a Franciscan friar.

Also, special thanks to Rob Goraieb, OFS (a parishioner and Secular Franciscan at the parish) for his many hours of planning, filming, critiquing, editing and making me laugh! You’ll catch him at the end of the video in our “bonus segment.”

7 Comments on “Top Ten Friar Questions

  1. keep up the great work with the videos Casey.

  2. Great post, Casey!

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  3. Brother Casey, are you going to study for the priesthood or will you remain a brother?

  4. Thank You for your insights keep them coming

  5. Love it!!! You are a natural in front of the camera and your camera man is awesome, too!

  6. You are living your life’s purpose! Great job!

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