New Video Series?

After the modest success of the road trip videos (by which I mean that I was able to string together a few clips with no prior editing skill and people actually watched it), I started thinking about new ways to use the technology. I may have come up with the answer. Below you will find my first reflection video, the “pilot” we’ll say, in the Breaking In The Habit video series. I’m still working out the idea, and despite the fact that this is already finished and loaded, I’m still working on a trailer for the series (talk about putting the cart before the horse!) but I hope it will serve at a good experiment worthy of your feedback.

So check it out here or below, and comment either on the blog or YouTube to let me know a) if it’s something you would watch, and b) what sort of content would be interesting to you. I’m open to a wide variety of things (scripture reflections, Church issues, Franciscan life, social questions, vocations, and maybe even some “Franciscan movie reviews”) as well as a number of different deliveries (interview, documentary, and short reflection). Hope you enjoy it, and hopefully there will be more of these soon!

4 Comments on “New Video Series?

  1. Thank you for this video reflection. The video format really makes a major statement.
    Ah Patience. It seems I never have enough of it. I never thought of myself as the seed before. Really puts a new perspective on my life in relation to to God. Thank you for this. Janice, OFS

  2. Nicely done, Casey. The spontaneity of your “road” clips is a nice contrast with this more thoughtful reflection and both are short enough for the patience challenged – ha! And if they lead people to your more deeply reflective blog posts…well…isn’t that just God’s way? He draws us in and makes us hungry to learn more about Him.

    Blessings to you in your continued growth in formation and generous ministry of sharing.

  3. Do you know who was Fr. Leo Clifford, OFM? You might be his replacement?

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