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Today’s the day. We packed our things, loaded the truck, and are ready to hit the road. TO WISCONSIN! (In case you’re not too familiar with the map of the United States, that’s an 826 mile drive ahead of us. Luckily we’re planning on spending the night about 2/3 of the way through.)

The trip itself offers us a very long, tangible transition from one year to the next, from Postulancy to Novitiate, from one lifestyle to another. When we arrive in Burlington, we will officially be received as friars in the Order. That’s right: Br. Casey Cole, OFM (but please, if “Casey” was good enough for God on the day of my baptism, it’s good enough for me. No “Brother Casey” nonsense from my friends and family!)

With the start of the year, it will also mean the temporary suspension of this blog. One of the central focuses of the year is to remove distractions so as to focus more intensely on God and community. I respect that. However useful it may be, the blog has created expectations of me that could be just enough pressure to lose focus, and that a year disconnected from the world, not worrying about what to say or whether or not people approve of my experiences, could be a very beneficial experience. Because of the short notice I’ve just received on this decision, I’ve been granted time to close it out upon arrival, and so I will post one last summary post sometime this week.

It’s tough to say goodbye, but saying goodbye just means saying hello to something different. I hope that you will keep me in your prayers, and check back in about a week for some concluding remarks.

11 Comments on “Goodbye Wilmington, Postulancy, Blog

  1. You are always in my prayers, Casey. May God bless and keep you as your journey continues.

  2. Wow, Casey, look what God has done for you! I will miss your blog but will keep you and your “other Brothers” in my prayers. Wisconsin is beautiful and I’m confident God will reveal Himself in new ways and depths during this wonderful time of prayer, study, and reflection.
    Looking forward to your wrap up entry….not to be confused with a final chapter!

    Peace to you always,


  3. Good luck, Casey, to you and your companions as you begin this new phase of your formation. I hope and pray that your novitiate experience will be a rich and rewarding one. Un abrazo fraternal, hermano.

  4. I’m sorry that the updates wil not be coming but am thrilled for you, Casey. This is a very special year. You will be in our thoughts. Love, Aunt Pat

  5. wow, Br. Casey Cole. so weird and wonderful! soooo happy for you as you continue to journey with our amazing God.

    • exactly what M said, weird but sooo wonderful! congratulations, you will be in my prayers!


  6. All the best, Casey! You guys will be in my prayers! A special congratulations to you — after reception you will officially become the youngest friar in HNP!!! Yay!!! (it’s about time someone else should carry that title – 6 yrs is too long) :o)

    • Dan, I know the burden. When I entered, I was the oldest in formation. I was so glad when George Corrigan entered, because he was older than me. hahaha

  7. Best wishes Casey. I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about your year when you sign back on. Praying for a blessed year.

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