Preparing For Novitiate: Update

It hit me after posting “Preparing For Novitiate” last week that I had forgotten to mention the many online publications about the Interprovincial Novitiate I’ll be attending next year.

For starters, the 14 men in Burlington take turns posting about their experiences on a community blog, Franciscan Interprovincial Novitiate. The new blog is a great way for me to prepare for next year as it is very detailed with pictures and personal reflections. A shorter alternative can be found on their community run Facebook page, focusing more on events than personal reflections. Outsides of the community’s pages, John Aherne, OFM, one of Holy Name Province’s novices, also wrote a great post about his experience so far on the province’s vocation’s website, Be A Franciscan

Blogs are not the only way to learn about the year, however, as Holy Name Province has written a number of articles about the interprovincial experience on its newsletter, HNP Today. There’s an article about their reception as novices at the beginning of the year, as well as one about the novices receiving their habits. This is a great newsletter to stay in touch with the happenings around the province with more than 330 friars.

As I mentioned before, Holy Name Province is very connected with technology and offers a great number of resources for those discerning, even for people like me who have already joined but would like to know more. If you just cant get enough of Franciscan blogs, there are six other blogs besides mine on the province’s website that are frequently updated.

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