On The Road… Again!

I'm starting to get used to living out of one of these!

It case it wasn’t apparent enough, the Postulant year has a lot of traveling: in two months, we’ve been to Camden, Philadelphia, New York City, Cincinnati, Esopus NY, and Margate City NJ, not to mention all of the daily traveling we do within an hour of our house. In keeping with this theme, we’re leaving today for a whirlwind tour of northern New Jersey and New York City in hopes of better acquainting ourselves with the ministries of Holy Name Province. Between now and Sunday night, we plan on stopping at seven different sites run by the province, ranging from suburban parishes to an innercity hotel for the mentally ill.

There’s no doubt that this will be a fast-paced trip and I unfortunately see absolutely no opportunity for posting until Monday. Check back then for some reflections and some great pictures!

2 Comments on “On The Road… Again!

  1. Hi Casey…I’m enjoying your posts. Sounds like you are loving what you are doing. I’m very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Casey,
    Have a wonderful week! You should try and contact Patrick and Chris while you’re in NYC – if you can! Keeping you in my prayers, always. Hope to get you to Lancaster in the next few months! We’ll talk.
    Aunt Mary

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