Sound Familiar?

Can you picture a friend in this life?

At this point, it’s been 20 posts since I started blogging, and so far I’ve shared my story of being called to faith, introduced a few topics that I’m discerning, given some detail to the daily life of a postulant, and given a brief look to the future. All things considered, even without knowing me personally, those of you who have read my blog up until this point have a basic understanding of who I am and what my calling is.

Which leads me to a question, and a break from my normal style of post: do the things I share about myself and my vocation sound familiar to any of you? Is there someone that you know that thinks about the same things, wants to make a difference in the world, and maybe even looks good in brown? The reason I ask is because I find this life to be the most joyous and fulfilling option out there, and I want to share it with everyone! It’s amazing to think that there are others, like me, that would have never even considered it without the suggestion or support from a friend, and yet are tailor-made by God for such a giving and joyous life. If that’s the case for someone you know, PLEASE TELL THEM! I am so glad that God worked through others to help me get to where I am, and I know so many others that think the same.

I’d be ecstatic if you went out on a limb and forwarded this blog to potential guys, even if you think they wouldn’t be interested. (I listened to “you’d make a great friar” for more than a year before I actually heard it for the first time! Some of us are more stubborn than others…) Though I started this to keep in touch with friends and family, I realized pretty early that it could be an aid for those discerning, for those who my have questions, and for those who had never really been introduced to the friars to get a glimpse of the life; it’s certainly something that I looked for in my process. Who knows! You may be the person they look back to and thank for leading them to such an incredible life!

If you think something a bit more professional or “official” would work better, by all means, check out what the province has to offer. Fr. Brian Smail, the vocations director, is really on top of using all sorts of mediums to attract young men, and it’s no surprise that there is so much interest over the past few years. There is a vocation’s blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Podcasts made by Br. Dan Horan, youtube videos, and of course, the main information website. Check them out and see what you think!

I hope that you’ll think deeply about aiding in the vocational calling of both men and women around you, and won’t be afraid to speak up when you meet a great candidate. I know it’s a bit different than my normal posts, and I thank those who read anyway, but I just feel so passionately about this decision that I want everyone to know that it’s an option. Thanks for humoring me!

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3 Comments on “Sound Familiar?

  1. Hi Casey, I know Fr. Brian Smail, via email only, and you’re right, he is doing a great job. I’ve really been reading about your journey. I go to Holy Angels in Little Falls, and we used to be a Franciscan parish.The friars were such an important part of my spiritual formation. I see so many of the things that I loved about the friars in you, and I know that you are going to be a WONDERFUL friar.
    I threw a link to your blog up on my Facebook page, and will do so from time to time. As you’ve indicated, you just never know where a friar is going to come from. God bless you as you continue your journey. You bring me great joy and stir in my heart the spirit of St. Francis.
    sister in Christ,
    Mary Louise

  2. Casey, unfortunately, I don’t know any prospective friars. However, I think you have chosen the best possible vocation. The Franciscans are great. Keep on blogging.

  3. Great blog, Casey! Hey, it sounds so good I’d sign up if I weren’t married, female and have 7 kids!!! OK, OK, I KNOW there are the 3rd order secular franciscans! I’ve been told by all my 3rd order secular franciscan friends! … more than once! However, right now, at this very busy time of life, a little time away in a “cell” of my own wouldn’t be such a bad thing 🙂 Peace and all good things to you.

    Please pray for our Church as we are preparing our 8th grade confirmation class and this year we found out we only have 8 weeks to prepare them (6 more to go) – Confirmation date is November 21, 2011 and we thought we’d have till next Spring to both teach and prepare their hearts. Could anyone who reads this blog please keep the catechists and our youth minister in your prayers as we enter into these next 6 weeks? Please ask the Lord to give us the right words to speak to the hearts of our group of 8th graders so they truly desire to receive this Sacrament and are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I still think it was a great idea to have you come during one of these 8 weeks! The students could really use an inspirational talk from a young man such as yourself. With God, all things are possible 🙂
    Aunt Mary

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