I must say that I never envisioned myself as the author of a blog. Had another friend not already self-proclaimed herself the “reluctant blogger” I would be all over that tagline. But as I realized, it is quite an effective way to keep myself accountably while keeping many people involved in my life. I hope that you’ll check out my “Why Blog?” page to learn a bit more about it! Check back soon, or subscribe to get updates (found on the side of the screen) so that you can follow me from the beginning!

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  1. Hi Casey,
    I think this is a good idea. Keeps you in touch and us informed as to what’s happening with you. I’ll try my best……I’m not always as reliable as I should be about staying in touch plus this is my first experience with a blog.
    Uncle Dave

  2. Hi Casey,
    I am looking forward to reading your blogs. We will be keeping you in our prayers as you begin this incredible journey. Just keep your heart open to all that God has in store for you. It is sure to be a beautiful journey – one that we all look forward to sharing with you.
    Aunt Mary

    • Mary,

      Your family is truly blessed that one of its members is aspiring to the religious life and the priesthood. Like you, I will be following Casey and his classmates and praying that they persevere. Since that class is the finest group of young men I have ever seen, I think their chance of perseverence is excellent. I only wish that all men and women in formation would quit talking about discernment. I think that the for discernment is over once they begin their postulancy. I think that successful completion of one year of candidacy proves that they have been called by God to this wonderful vocation. Henceforth, they should concentrate on their successful formation.

      Pax et Bonum

      • Emil,

        Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m not sure if I’m reading the latter half of your comment correctly, but I would say that the purpose for this blog is to show that discernment is an ever-going process. For the most part, I’m no longer “discerning” whether or not I want to be a Franciscan, but each and every day I discern what God wants of me, in what new directions to go, and how I might continue to fulfill a promise to him. Part of a successful formation process is the continuation of discernment, always open to new paths, even if it means discontinuing Franciscan formation in order to live out a different calling (even up until the day before one’s solemn profession we should be open to God’s call in a new direction!) That being said, the majority of my attention is focused on things such as ordination, role of the habit in ministry, prayer styles, community development, and so on (rather than “should I be a Franciscan).

        I thank you again for your encouragement and prayers, and am pleased that you are interested enough to comment!


    • Thanks, Brother for posting the link. I will follow it for my personal growth.

  3. Dear Casey, I am one of 13 children and four of my siblings were in God’s service. They were the happiest of the bunch. But we were all contented with our families and were faithful to the church for the most part. We need good priests and we will pray for you. Your aunt Mary leads the Rosary at our daily mass and we pray for priests daily. May the good Lord keep you in his Sacred Heart at this time of decernment [spell]. GOD BLESS. Chuck Frey

  4. Thank-you, Casey. I think you are headed in the right direction. From reading comments by other men in formation, in HNP and other provinces and by Capuchin postulants and novices, I was struck by the emphasis on discernment in contrast to commitment. In any event, follow the advice of your director rather than mine and you will achieve the right result.

    BTW. I now realize that you may not have received my first reply in which I thanked you for your prompt response and stated that I will be praying for both you and your classmates. I wish all five of you the best.

    Now, enjoy tonight’s games between the Giants and Patriots and between the Yankees and the Red Sox if you can. Since I live in Boston, I’m rooting for the Red Sox and Patriots.

    May God Bless You.

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