Breaking In The Habit is Hiring

Job Description

Breaking in the Habit is an online Catholic apostolate consisting of two YouTube channels, a podcast, and various social media accounts. Currently, every step of the production process is completed by the same person. I am looking to outsource as much of this as possible, from editing to posting.

Between 10 and 20 hours a week to start, but room for growth.

This job is fully remote.


  • Edit video reflections
  • Edit react-style videos
  • Edit podcast(s)
  • Create video shorts and teasers
  • Create thumbnails
  • Posting content to YouTube
  • Telecommunicate for direction and collaboration

Skills Needed

  • proficiency with color correction
  • audio adjustments (use of limiter, compressor, and equalizers)
  • transitions and masks
  • creation of basic animated graphics and backgrounds
  • synching multiple cameras and sources of audio
  • photoshop
  • basic understanding of Catholic beliefs


Negotiable. $25-45 an hour, depending on experience and level of independence.


To inquire, please enter your contact information below with some basic information about yourself.

3 Comments on “Breaking In The Habit is Hiring

  1. One of my friend sent me an attachment regarding on your hiring as video editor. I’m interested!!! I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 and Sony Vegas Pro for the videos…though I’m just a beginner in photo and video editing I’m still want to try..especially in matters of Faith..I’m also a new member of Catholic Faith Defenders-Overseas Filipino Missionaries, a Catholic Apologists in the Philippines..

    Thank you and God bless!!!

  2. I’m not applying, just a quick note of thanks for this work you’re doing. I really appreciate it and am truly blessed. Norbert Froese Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  3. Goes to show you that I am old, sent my message in the wrong place. Sorry!

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