Can Science be Trusted?

There are some in our world that are skeptical of anything scientific, believing that faith in God and scientific inquiry are opposed to one another. This is an unfortunate approach that limits the faculties of reason and observation that God gave us. The Catholic Church is a major supporter of empirical study.

There are also those on the other end of the spectrum who believe that science is the end-all-be-all of truth, that it is always right and answers every question. This is also an unfortunate approach.

The fact of the matter is an excellent way of understanding the perceivable world, but there are plenty of important things in life that are not perceivable. For that, we must look to history, philosophy, art, and religion to answer other questions and to express other truths.

4 Comments on “Can Science be Trusted?

  1. Great presentation Father. Balanced, logical, fair, and presented with love. This subject is prone to Tribalism just like everything else these days. Proof that you don’t have to trash someone as a person to disagree with an idea they present. Peace to everyone at Breaking In The Habit. I just gave a copy of one of your books to an 18 year old man at Church who thinks God may be calling him to be a priest. It felt so good to have a helpful resource to give him. He watches Breaking in the Habit and was excited and eager to start reading.

  2. Most of us trust the science with the vaccine but you will always get others who think that the truth is that it is all a conspiracy

  3. I am not a Catholic, but I have listened to 4 Catholic priests. As a matter of fact, I have listened to Catholic radio for almost 2 months nonstop. Anyway, after listening to 4 Catholic priests, (2 on YouTube and 2 on radio), I can now say that they are all great speakers. They are fun to listen to. Is this a compliment? You wish!

    Ok, first of all I hope and pray that I am wrong that Catholic priests tend to be fun and interesting to listen to. Because if this is true, well, there’s a problem. 1. It might mean that Catholics only pursue people who are fun to listen to. 2. By only pursing only “Fun and Interesting people”, it probably means 1. The person is probably not fit to be a Shepherd. Why Catholics would want fun priests? You should ask them.

    I also learnt that Catholics focus way, way, way to much about abortion. Like, everyday. I don’t know if they don’t get tired of talking about abortion. It’s actually pretty annoying that they talk about abortion all the time. Well, because they really don’t have nothing to keep them going, so they focus on abortion.

    This is sad, but I am just gonna say it. When a gunman went and killed a bunch of Asian women, Teresa Tomeo (a Catholic Radio Broadcaster) basically defended the killer. She was like, “You see, you see, this man was addicted to porn-and he has sex addiction. You see, he said he just wanted to get rid of sex addiction. Now the LEFT is making this RACE. You know, before we go ahead and judge this man, we have to wait for the Judge to decide you know. You know, the LEFT is blaming white people now.” I was like, imagine this guys just went and murdered a bunch of Asians, and Teresa Tomeo is talking about how this guy has sex addiction. Just imagine what the families of victims are currently through. I said, I know there’s racism in America, but it’s that bad? Is is that bad that even so called servants of God do have to support evil?

    If he the guy is not a racist, why didn’t he shoot white people then? Teresa Tomeo, had an Asian guy went and shot white people, you would have the same energy too? Unbelievable.
    Okay, you don’t even have to be a Christian or spiritual to denounce evil. All you have to be is a human. Teresa Tomeo couldn’t even be a human despite the murders that that guy committed. She was there defending the guy. Disgusting and painful. Please, you are not serving God and you should just step down. Remember, there are a bunch of people out there who can do it way, way better. So yeah, you are a nobody. Whether you have a PhD or not, you are a nobody. We want people who are humble, and kind and understanding and truthful. Not people who only criticize CNN, MSNBC…I dont want a republican or a Democrat to be my priest. My priest is someone who prays for CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEW, BLACK PEOPLE, ASIANS…my priest is someone who fights evil no matter this situation. My priest is someone who says, let God’s will be done. I want a priest who is very humble. Teresa Tomeo and all the fake servant of Christ, people like you are THE reason evil still exist in this world.

  4. These so called preachers or pastors or priests or bishops are the worst. They pretend to be serving God when in reality they aren’t. Instead of doing your job, you are angry that the government will take away your guns. They rely on guns more than they rely on God. Instead of rebuking the devil, you are there criticizing secular news outlets. Instead of praying for Joe Biden, you are there criticizing him. CNN is there rebuking racism, Teresa Tomeo is busy criticizing CNN for telling the truth.

    The Bible says Christians are the light of the world. Well, I don’t see that light shining. Instead of help heal the nation and bring people together as one, so called servants of God are busy dividing people. Nothing fails God like Christians do, especially so called servants of God. A bunch of liars and corrupted people pretending to be serving God. No wonder you preachers are involved in pornography, and raps and divorce. You guys have brought so much shame to Jesus. Get out of here, you pathetic losers. You guys are slaves of the devil.
    A guy went and murdered Asians and Teresa Tomeo is here defending a white supremacy? Never mind, I forgot that evangelicals vote with white supremacists. No wonder. My bad. Please forgive for forgetting. Losers! Don’t stand on that pulpit and lecture me. Get out of here.

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