Molly’s Game and The Crucible

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The Salem witch trials have captivated audiences for centuries with folklore and legend. And yet, I’m not so sure that it is not the mysterious world of witches that keeps people interested. It’s the relatable and ever-recurring story of looking for women to blame for societal ills.

Such is the story that Aaron Sorkin seeks to retell in the 2017 Molly’s Game, a story of a real-life woman who faced her own witch hunt. Although Molly game was poker, not the occult, her experience is the same.

One Comment on “Molly’s Game and The Crucible

  1. It’s interesting you picked such a sinful movie to review. Yet for a movie involving gambling, crime, greed,sex and organized crime I don’t see a single criticism or mention of it’s wrongness. Although your quick to pontificate in your YouTube videos.

    I think you got off on the sin in the movie and the main actress, you are vicariously indulging in sin.

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