Stop Blaming Vatican II

Archbishop Viganò is at it again. In an interview published today, the former nuncio to the United States claims that all of the problems of the 1960s revolutions have a single cause: Vatican II.

Yes. The Women’s Liberation Movement was Vatican II’s fault. Blame the Gay Rights Movement on us. Vietnam protests? Sexual Revolution? Civil Rights marches? All the Church’s doing.

It’s a bit of a far-fetched argument, even for him, but he is by no means the first person to make such claims. In fact, I hear these sorts of things online so often that I actually filmed a video two weeks ago on this very topic, ready to be released today. Is it a direct response to Viganò? Only if you follow the logic that what comes after was caused by what came before… which I’ll address in the video.

Be sure to watch to the end as I do offer my own take on what has caused the problems in the Church and what we can do to fix them.

11 Comments on “Stop Blaming Vatican II

    • Really? Vatican has no problems?So how do you explain the fact that most clergyman today do not have to profess anti-modernism ? What about Pope Francis /Vatican secret agreement with China allowing it to recommend new bishops? Honestly there is no problem? I rather take the opinion of AB Vigano, he was growing up then and was there during the council.

  1. Well done brother, very well done. Relevancy really is the major factor. Bill Edwards, OFS

  2. The Second Vatican Council is fundamentally weaker than the previous Council. Vigano has a point. How did the church stand strong against even BIGGER change,like the Holocaust,or the French Revolution, or Great Schism? Thats because the church was more rock solid and emphatic about her teachings. How can a Sexual Revolution crumble the church,but not French Revolution (which was about 1000 times worse)? Thats because Vatican 2 is a fundamentally weaker Council.Why tell the nuns to stop wearing traditional robes? Why strip the churches of incense? Why alienate the traditional Catholics within the church? All the council did was create a divide within the church. It just split us apart,between Traditionalist vs Liberals. And thats the council’s doing,because it no longer united itself under tradition.

    • That’s an apples to oranges comparison. The speed of media and information, and the amount we are exposed to makes a huge difference from the time French Revolution or WW2. Not to mention, who controlled the distribution of information back then…

      My opinion (just a regular, practicing Catholic): Vatican II is a miracle, and a profound gift that church leaders back then knew it was vital to open up the Church for the times ahead… move to make it as relevant (ding! Points to Father Casey 😀 ) to our experiences in the modern world. In my experience, fellow Catholics today feel the Church is so immediate in their lives, to experience a Church in action.

      • You make a fair point, perhaps my comparison was little off. But you didn’t refute my point about removing traditional practices, which just mad traditional Catholics upset. This council is divisive for a reason. Its not a “gift”. It was a rejection of tradition-which the Catholic Church claims to hold so dear.

    • If people leave the church because of relatively minor issues (such as clothes, incense, or Latin) then the church was never about God or the Gospel, to begin with.

  3. No doubt the changes in Vatican 2 made traditional Catholics upset. Thankfully, these days, you are not denied to practice the traditions that make the faith to Jesus more direct to you.

    Just as you are free to do so, there’s no need to deny the experience of other Catholics engaged and feel enriched in the current practices today either. Celebrating Mass as a family, as a community is beautiful and involving, deep in a joy in our collective for Jesus, and you don’t get anywhere else. It remains a gift for me.

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  5. Dearest, why would you delete my totaly benign comment, if I said something wrong teach me if I did no wrong why slap my cheek!? God bless you,but now I see just more clearly that archbishop Vigano is inocent!

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