Kids Ask Great Questions

Have you spent much time with a child lately? Children have a very special perspective on the world: they see things differently, say things we don’t expect, and ask very interesting questions. This week, I decided to tap into that creativity for a segment of Ask Brother Casey. Going around to all of the classrooms at the Catholic school connected to the parish, I told the students to write down any questions they wanted to ask me—anything—and I would answer them on the Breaking In The Habit Youtube channel. They were happy to oblige…

For those on email, click here to watch the video.


One Comment on “Kids Ask Great Questions

  1. While on vacation in Colorado with my son and 11 yr old granddaughter my granddaughter died of cardiac arrest
    Recently I told my daughter in law that her child told me one of her cousins was mean to her and for some unknown reason my daughter in law is so angry about my comment that neither she or my son will speak to me
    What should I do?

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